Our Story

Events with Social and Eco Responsibilty

Founder, Beth Elliott, is a former event planner and floral designer.  Heartbroken after seeing the flowers thrown into the dumpster, after days of planning, preparing and designing the arrangements and displays; she would gather as many flowers as possible to bring home and give flowers away as often and as much as she could.  Seeing the joy & happiness, the flowers bring to people in our local community, keeps us going!  Bringing the twice loved flowers to composting is just the right thing to do for our planet. #payitforwardinflowers

We are there to help you and your group make a difference and bring Eco and Social responsibility to your event here in the Hawaii.  #CorporateSocialResposibility

Give Back to the Local Community

We know how much time, thought, planning, and effort that went into making your celebration perfect and your guests feel honored and appreciated.  We help you give the flowers a second life and extend that joy when we bring them to a local group in need; that is ready to receive them.

Did you know that a single event can generate over 450 pounds of floral waste alone? Did you know that most event flowers end up in the dumpster? 

We give your flowers a second life by carefully collecting them after your event, then donating them to a group in need,  After that, we return to the Donation Site and dispose of them properly at our local Green Waste facility.

Mission Statement

Our Mission Is:

To donate as many flowers as possible with loving kindness.

To create beautiful designs with the repurposed flowers from your event and work specifically with each Flower Donation Site to suit their needs.

To work with all event planners, floral designers, vendors, venues and staff with respect, clear communication and dependability.

To facilitate the delivery of a Charitable Donation Letter from the Donation Site to group that donates the flowers for Tax Purposes.

To pick up flowers from the Donation Site in a timely manner and deliver directly to Green Waste for composting.

To teach floral design skills to women in transition with the flowers from your event.

To organize a team of passionate and caring volunteers, a tribe of flower lovers working together to bring joy and social good.

To help you pay it forward and share love and joy with flowers.



Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and donate more flowers and touch more hearts!  Your generous donation will fund our mission and is deeply appreciated.

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