As you know, flowers will last days longer after your special event and there are people who would be thrilled to enjoy them!  Flowers make everyone's day!


Floral designers would love to donate the flowers after the events, but they just don't have the time, space, energy to do it.  It takes many steps to deliver a repurposed bouquet to a group in need and to then return to bring them to Green Waste facility. We take care of it all!


Donating flowers is our passion, our amazing flower tribe and incredible volunteers, do all the late night pick ups, early morning repurposing, and matching the delivery to suit the local community group's needs.

Social and Eco Responsibility

Be socially and ecologically responsible with your special event. The local community benefits greatly from this service!  The waste then gets diverted from the landfill and goes to Green Waste to become compost.

Community Service Opportunity

If anyone in your wedding party or corporate group would like to be involved with your flower donation, we would love to have them volunteer with our team for a Flower Drop.

Floral Waste

Did you know that one event alone can generate more than 450 pounds of waste? By donating your flowers that all goes to Green Waste, not the landfill.