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We help you make a positive difference in the local HAWAII community


Floral arrangements last long after your special event.  We repurpose them into personal bouquets to deliver to local organizations and brighten the patients, their visiting families and caregiver's day!  We facilitate a Donation Letter for your Tax Purposes. Then we bring the twice-enjoyed flowers to Green Waste for composting, to help grow even more fowers. #zerowaste

Pay it forward!

Photo Credit: Jose Villa

We make sure your flowers get a second life- they are delivered to someone in need and help brighten their day.  We partner with hospice, elderly care homes, hospitals and others in need.  Spreading joy and love with flowers.

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We look forward to helping you do Social Good in the local Hawaii community with flowers.


Pay It Forward In Flowers

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We look forward to helping you donate your flowers from your special event